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August 1, 2012
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Top Stories
Slideshow: Rescue Robots Save the Day
Like many robots deployed in military applications, robots used for post-disaster search-and-rescue missions will go places humans can't. more » » » 
Video: Maintenance Robots Climb Wind Towers
Two different remote-controlled climbing robots have been developed to make wind tower maintenance easier, cheaper, and safer. more » » » 
Mine-Seeking Underwater Robots Scour Ship Hulls
MIT researchers have improved the navigation and ability to detect small mines on the hulls of ships for its Autonomous Underwater Hull Inspection Vehicle. more » » » 
Video: Grippers Emulate Gecko, Bird
Two grippers from Festo use biomimicry inspired by a gecko's feet and a bird's beak for different energy-efficient methods of picking up objects. more » » » 
Fuel Efficiency Focus for Mobile Hydraulics
Reducing energy costs is a major opportunity for designers of mobile hydraulic systems, and it works hand-in-hand with advances in electrohydraulic control. more » » » 
Motion Control in Harsh Environments

Chemical and high pressure washdown, extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration, radiation and vacuums are just some of the environments that require high performance motion solutions. Join Design News' panel of industry experts as we look at the trends and solutions for motion control in all types of difficult industrial environments. View today.
Vintage gadget freak video of the month
Gadget Freak Case #187: A Futuristic Twist on Model Trains
For those who love model trains, here's a peek at the future — a solar-augmented monorail.
Build Knowledge. Create Your Future.

Design News has engineered 180 days of free, interactive engineering courses. Tracks include microcontrollers, sensors, lighting, embedded Internet and cloud, wireless, and power. Register Today.
Line of Pumps & Compressors
Thomas’ line of twin piston pumps and compressors are designed to withstand the most demanding applications. more » » » 
Pocket Motion Controller
The DMC-30016 combines a single-axis motion controller with a 1.4A/phase stepper drive in a compact unit. more » » » 
Mechatronics: Pneumatics in Medical Applications

With the design of medical devices moving toward smaller sizes and mobile solutions, driven by hospital-to-home treatment models and low-power consumption, electro-pneumatics is solidifying its position as a low cost technology ideal for a wide variety of these portable medical devices. View today. Click here
Design News Media
Gadget Freak Case #221: Smart Toolbox Finds the Right Tool
A team of student engineers at Colorado State University have designed a five-drawer toolbox that can locate tools and open the drawer they are found.
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