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August 15, 2012
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Top Stories
Video: Humanoid Robot Used to Treat Autism
Zeno will help children with autism develop more appropriate emotional responses to everyday social interactions. more » » » 
Robot Will Harvest Your Crops
A multinational engineering project aims to create an intelligent robotics platform that can identify and harvest specific types of crops to help foster sustainable agriculture. more » » » 
Do You Have a Right to Repair What You Own?
The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition has worked on a "right to repair" ballot initiative for the November 2012 election. more » » » 
Video: Robots Climb Stairs, Walk Like a Human
A pair of robotic legs modeled closely on human walking mechanisms walk with a biomechanically accurate gait. more » » » 
Blurring the Lines of Control
Robot servo motion is increasingly being directly controlled using standard line controllers integrating advanced kinematics, networking, and operator interface support. more » » » 
Sensor Technology -- IO-Link Connectivity

Smart sensors used for measurement are becoming crucial enablers in almost every industry not only for machine control but also networking and data connectivity. Learn about smart sensor solution for network communications, automated parameter setting and expanded diagnostics. View today.
Vintage gadget freak video of the month
Gadget Freak Case #187: A Futuristic Twist on Model Trains
For those who love model trains, here's a peek at the future — a solar-augmented monorail.
What Makes a Perfect Factory?

Whether the factory's mission is manufacturing components in the automotive, electronic, semiconductor, medical, or packaging industries, what it always comes down to is, can you produce products of the highest quality, at a reasonable cost, with a manageable time to delivery. Register here!
High Performance at Deep Vacuum
KNF N920 diaphragm vacuum pump delivers higher flow at low absolute vacuum levels using no oil. more » » » 
Servo Amplifier has EtherCAT Connectivity Solution
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. has launched a new line of servo motion products that support connectivity over the EtherCAT network. more » » » 
Hydrocarbon Dosing System
Parker’s Hydrocarbon Dosing System controls the dosing of diesel fuel into the exhaust upstream of the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst to allow efficient regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter. more » » » 
Mechatronics: Pneumatics in Medical Applications

With the design of medical devices moving toward smaller sizes and mobile solutions, driven by hospital-to-home treatment models and low-power consumption, electro-pneumatics is solidifying its position as a low cost technology ideal for a wide variety of these portable medical devices. View today.
Design News Media
Gadget Freak Case #223: Rocket Records Its Own Flight
Doug Conner strapped a video camera to his PVC-based rocket to record its flight.
Build Knowledge. Create Your Future.

Design News has engineered 180 days of free, interactive engineering courses. Tracks include microcontrollers, sensors, lighting, embedded Internet and cloud, wireless, and power. Register Today.
Partner Zone
Mechatronic Solutions: Smart Actuator Technology
Smart actuators incorporating integrated controls and network connectivity options are finding their niche in machine control applications where the simplicity of an all-in-one actuator-motor-control package fits cleanly into new designs. View today.
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