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September 19, 2012
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Top Stories
Robotic Solar Panels Produce More Electricity
A Silicon Valley startup has designed an innovative new monorail system of robots for tilting solar panels toward the sun. more » » » 
Solar Inverter Optimization
Automation control technology plays a key design role in balancing energy-efficiency gains with the need for lifetime reliability and low-cost solutions. more » » » 
Robot Collects Storm Data During Hurricane Isaac
A robot collecting oceanographic data in the Gulf of Mexico got a close-up look at Hurricane Isaac, whose eye passed 60 miles east of where it was cruising. more » » » 
Video: Robotic Plane Flies Indoors Without GPS
MIT's Robust Robotics Group flew a fixed-wing vehicle around the parking garage under a university building, navigating pillars safely, with only the use of onboard sensors to direct the path of the plane. more » » » 
Motor Kits Let BLDC Designs Roll
If your design plans include a brushless DC motor, contributing technical editor Jon Titus recommends starting with a motor drive dev kit. more » » » 
Order Pittman Motors Online

Pittman Motors, a division of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, has introduced PittmanExpress, an online system offering customers the ability to order from a standard list of prototype parts available for 24 hour shipment. The online ordering system allows an engineer to quickly obtain off-the-shelf DC motor products. Click here
Vintage gadget freak video of the month
Gadget Freak Case #148: Interactive Beer Pong Table
Cameron Hoerig built an interactive beer pong table and on either end of the table — where the cups stand — there are 10 LED rings composed of eight LEDs each.
Ball Screw and Lead Screw Actuators Video

HepcoMotion® PSD80 and PSD120 screw driven linear actuators are cost-effective solutions available in lengths up to 2850mm (6000mm for slave units) and can be specified in open, closed, double acting or slave format. PSD80 available with stainless steel lead screw in a variety of screw pitches. Click here
High-Precision Linear Guide
This roller style linear guide is for use in applications requiring extra high rigidity, increased load capacity, accuracy, and maintenance-free operation. more » » » 
Ethernet Communications Adapter for PLCs
The FX3U-ENET-ADP can be a cost-efficient alternative to micro PLCs to connect equipment such as PLCs, HMIs, and personal computers. more » » » 
Motion Control in Harsh Environments

Chemical and high pressure washdown, extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration, radiation and vacuums are just some of the environments that require high performance motion solutions. Join Design News' panel of industry experts as we look at the trends and solutions for motion control in all types of difficult industrial environments. View today.
Design News Media
Gadget Freak Case #221: Smart Toolbox Finds the Right Tool
A team of student engineers at Colorado State University have designed a five-drawer toolbox that can locate tools and open the drawer they are found.
Build Knowledge. Create Your Future.

Design News has engineered 180 days of free, interactive engineering courses. Tracks include microcontrollers, sensors, lighting, embedded Internet and cloud, wireless, and power. Register Today.
Partner Zone
Energy Efficiency: Motors & Drives
Energy efficient equipment sends savings to the bottom line, and plants are also concerned about their carbon footprint. For most companies, the reduction in energy consumption has become an overriding goal. Learn how efficient motors and drives contribute to the goal. View today.
Mechatronics: Pneumatics in Medical Applications
With the design of medical devices moving toward smaller sizes and mobile solutions, driven by hospital-to-home treatment models and low-power consumption, electro-pneumatics is solidifying its position as a low cost technology ideal for a wide variety of these portable medical devices. View today.
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