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November 7, 2012
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Top Stories
Nissan's Robotic Car Parks Itself, Picks You Up
Nissan's NSC-2015 can find its own parking spot and return to pick you up after being summoned via mobile app. more » » » 
Video: The Incredible Lego 'Great Ball Contraption'
Hey Gadget Freaks -- check out the largest, most intricate Lego machine we've ever seen! more » » » 
Video: Pneumatics Power Scary Guy
Bimba Manufacturing Co. gave a demonstration of the air-powered Scary Guy on Halloween at Pack Expo in Chicago. more » » » 
Servo Woes Fired Up the Machine
The servo drives kept overheating, and some caught fire, but the driver manufacturer said nothing was wrong. more » » » 
My Opinion on IEC 61508: It Puts Safety First
IEC 61508 is intended to be a basic functional safety standard that’s applicable to all industries. more » » » 
Motion Control in Harsh Environments

Chemical and high pressure washdown, extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration, radiation and vacuums are just some of the environments that require high performance motion solutions. Join Design News' panel of industry experts as we look at the trends and solutions for motion control in all types of difficult industrial environments. View today. Click here
Vintage gadget freak video of the month
Gadget Freak Case File #174: Bus Alert
Miles Moody created a device with a buzzer that tells him when the bus is almost at his apartment.
Build Knowledge. Create Your Future.

Design News has engineered 180 days of free, interactive engineering courses. Tracks include microcontrollers, sensors, lighting, embedded Internet and cloud, wireless, and power. Register Today.
Oil-Less, Lightweight DC Pumps
The 319 Series oil-less, WOB-L Piston DC pump and compressor is small, lightweight, and manufactured with die-cast aluminum components for strength and durability. more » » » 
MP-6 Series of Micropumps
Based on piezoelectric diaphragm pump technology, the MP-6 micropump delivers air, gas, or liquid for low flow applications in a wide variety of industries. more » » » 
Mechatronics & Industrial Automation: Software Convergence

Machine control, HMIs, safety, vision, networking and software are converging to produce more potent, streamlined control architectures and robust industrial automation solutions. Learn about the benefits of new technology and how these solutions are re-shaping the face of automation and machinery development. View today.
Design News Media
Compressed Air Powers Hybrid Demo
Freescale Semiconductor demonstrated an air-electric hybrid at the recent Convergence 2012 conference in Detroit.
Partner Zone
Mechatronic Solutions: Smart Actuator Technology
Smart actuators incorporating integrated controls and network connectivity options are finding their niche in machine control applications where the simplicity of an all-in-one actuator-motor-control package fits cleanly into new designs. View today.
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