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February 15, 2013
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Top Stories
Slideshow: Robotic Snakes & Worms Get Under Your Skin
The majority of robots modeled after snakes and worms are designed for rescue and medical operations. more » » » 
PACs Combine the Best Features of PLCs, PCs & DCSes
PACs provide a single platform for process and motion control, along with extensive data-handling and communication capabilities. more » » » 
Digital-Mechanical Engineers & 'Nex-Gen' Engineering
In order for Internet-connected machines to produce substantial efficiency and productivity gains, there are sets of job categories that will be needed to drive growth and help us realize the benefits. more » » » 
My Opinion on Manufacturing Coming Home
Manufacturing in the US is making a comeback, and propelling this comeback is an increased need to reduce the duration between the time that a product is designed and the time that it appears on the shelves. more » » » 
Report: World Industrial Robot Demand Up 38 Percent
The International Federation of Robotics reports that global sales of industrial robots increased by 38 percent in 2011 over 2010. more » » » 
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Vintage gadget freak video of the month
Magic Fingers Tickle the Ivories
Imagine putting on a glove and instantly being able to play the piano like a pro. A group of Colorado State University students brings the dream to life.
Infoblox Releases Software to Streamline Network Control, Automation
Infoblox's new DNS Firewall product detects malware that may enter a network from a mobile device and blocks it before it can infect any network assets. more » » » 
Agile Planet Launches Plug-and-Play Smart Motion Controllers
Texas-based startup Agile Planet has released two new smart controllers as part of its flagship product line aimed at simplifying motion control for manufacturing automation and other types of robots. more » » » 
Design News Media
Voyager Belt Actuator Lengths up to 6 Meters & High Speeds
50mm wide steel reinforced belt and 20mm profile rail and carriage allow for tough applications.
What is a PLC? Basics first…
The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is the key element behind today's Industrial automation. But, what exactly is a PLC? This video will guide you through the basics of its practical uses plus some detail of a PLCs inner workings.
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